Getting back into the swing of things!

After almost two years of lethargic hiatus, I have officially come back to Eve and moved into a wormhole again! Ever since my previous post updating the status of Amarr Station Trader, I have continued to station trade on-and-off over the past couple of years. I'm proud to report that my wealth in that regard has grown from 90M ISK to an estimated wealth of around 8B! All of this money has come exclusively from station trading via buying low and selling high; I did not donate ISK from any other characters to this one so that I had more capital to work with. I'm beginning to tire of manually updating all of my orders (Thanks to Tycoon 5, I tend to have 300+ orders to update either every day or every other day), so in an effort to proactively treat my impending Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, I am going to begin migrating from station trading to inter-regional trading. More news about this will follow soon, and I am very optimistic about the profits soon to come!

As for my new home wormhole, myself and a few old friends from previous wormhole excursions have banded together under the banner of Wink Inc. We currently live in a C2 with a C4 static and a highsec static. An Astrahus has been purchased and deployed, and we are beginning to get ourselves organized and are relearning the ins-and-outs of living in w-space again. We've already had a few interesting encounters (for example, while rolling a wormhole, I learned exactly what a Command Destroyer is capable of - the hard way) but are looking forward to padding our wallets and engaging in some good old-fashioned wormhole PVP.

Some readers will slightly recognize the name of this blog, but not recognize the author - I changed my handle from Nalestom to Ageudum, mostly because Ageudum is my main character in Eve and is the name by which the vast majority of people in Eve call me. Because of this, a name change seemed most appropriate.

I also changed the layout and look of the blog slightly, because the previous theme was god-awful and I had received more than a few criticisms about its appearance. From my side, the blog's appearance has now improved, but if there are still grievances, I would be more than happy to hear them!

Feel free to accompany us on our journey by joining our public channel named "Wink Pub"!


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