Amarr Station Trader #3: Profits continue to soar

It has officially been a week since I began station trading in Amarr. Since then, I have made remarkable leaps and bounds, as I have increased both my wealth and drastically increased the number of open orders I have at my disposal. Previously, my wealth totaled up to 2,371,037 ISK; currently, I have calculated my wealth to be 27,623,066 ISK, which is an increase of 1065.02%.

Through the profits that I have made by buying skill books for low prices and reselling them at a much higher price, I was easily able to afford not only the Trade skill book, but the Retail skill book as well. Trade has been trained to level 4, and as of right now, Retail has been trained to level 1, as I only recently decided to purchase it. At the time of this writing, I have a maximum of 29 open orders; this number will increase to 53 within the next three days, as Retail will then be trained to level 4. Afterwards, I plan on continuing its training to level 5, which will allow me to inject and train the Wholesale skill book. Having the Wholesale skill trained will increase my maximum open orders by 16 per level, which will drastically increase the variety of products that I will be able to trade at a single time.

As of right now, the two greatest factors that are limiting the growth of my entrepreneurship is a low maximum open order ceiling, and a lack of ISK to invest. With the recent holiday season, I have not been able to constantly attend to my market orders like I normally would have been able to; regardless, it seems that my market orders seem to stay on top anyway, as I often come back from family functions to an empty market orders window and a full item hangar. With more ISK, I would be able to invest in larger buy orders, which would allow me to turn around a larger quantity of products and increase my profits. Furthermore, with a higher maximum open order limit, I would be allowed to diversify the items and skill books that I invest my ISK into. I am looking forward to getting the Retail skill trained and increase this limit; once I can diversify my investments, the profits will truly start rolling in.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my readers a happy new year, as well as thank them for taking the time to read my writing!

Current Wealth: 27,623,066 ISK


  1. Been a while since an update. How goes the trading experiment?

    1. I've been busy, unfortunately! Adjusting to the new semester has been rough, so I haven't been able to update market orders quite as often as I would like - that combined with a major mistake that I've been making this entire time (which I will note in my next post) have made my wealth growth relatively small compared to the past posts. I do plan on giving another update within the next few days - just have to find time away from work and life to sit down and write it!

      Thanks for commenting, though - it's nice to know that somebody actually does keep up with these!


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