Amarr Station Trader #1 - The Beginning

I recently purchased the Collector's Edition from Amazon for a good price, and one of the rewards of the Collector's Edition is a code for 60 days of game time. One project that I have been considering for a long time is an isolated station-trading character based in Amarr. This character would be completely independent from the rest of my characters; he would not receive any funding from any of my other characters, and his starting capital would be the 5,000 ISK that every new character receives. This project is inspired by Croda's marketsforisk blog, where he started a new character and built his initial wealth primarily from inter-regional trading from Jita to Dodixie.

The new character's name is, befittingly enough, Amarr Station Trader. Thus far, I have created the character and relocated him to Amarr, where I have invested about 3,500 ISK into small buy orders of ammunition. My biggest goal for these first few days is amassing enough wealth to purchase the Trade skillbook, which costs about 85,000 ISK; this skillbook will give me 4 additional open orders to work with per level. Until then, I am training the Science skill so that my skill queue isn't completely empty, although the only foreseeable use for training that skill in the future would be if I decided to move this character into manufacturing. Still, it's better than an empty skill queue.

I plan on updating this blog with my progress at least once every few days, although I will likely be updating much more often than that during the beginning of the project.