The NEATest Station Trading Tool: NEAT

After months of staying out of station trading, I recently resubscribed and reinvested my station trading character, and for a week or two, I have been in search of a better station trading utility than what I have had at my disposal. Specifically, I was searching for a tool that accurately tracked and analyzed the performance of the items that I chose to trade in addition to the amount of tangible profit that I make. There are a number of tools floating around that can track your overall balance relatively well (such as EveNexus) as well as track individual market orders to see if they have been outbid (such as EveMentat), but in my opinion, the way that the information you need to see is displayed in a way that is more complicated than it needs to be.

A player by the name of Kolimara sought out to change that by creating NEAT. NEAT is a simple, free web-based application that uses your API to pull information on your current and past market orders, then analyzes them and gives you heaps of information about the performance of each item that you are trading. For example, on each individual item that I am trading, I am able to see the gross and net profits of that item, the total quantity of that item that I have sold, the average amount of time that each item spends on the market, and the percentage profit margin. Using just that information, I am able to determine which items are the most profitable and how long it will take for me to receive a return on my investment in those items.

Furthermore, NEAT also gives me overall statistics over a specified time period, allowing me to see how much real profit I've made per day.

If you're serious about maximizing the profit from your station trading, I highly recommend checking out and signing up for NEAT. If you'd like to give thanks to Kolimara for his efforts in developing this tool, you can find out how to donate to him here.