Corporation Management: How to safely recruit new members

My CEO recently assigned me the task of finding and recruiting potential members who were interested in discovering what wormholes are all about. Being a recruiter is one of the most difficult roles to be given, as you are the first line of defense against spies, thieves, and awoxers. In this post, I'll be sharing some strategies that I have used that could help you gain new members as well. Before I do, I'd like to shamelessly self-plug our start-up wormhole corporation, Will It Fit. If you're interested in learning about wormholes and small-gang PVP -- and making relatively good money in the process -- send me a message in-game, leave a comment below with contact information, or join our public channel in-game at "Will It Fit?"

Before you begin recruiting, you need to realistically analyze your corporation, its goals, and its current members. What kind of activities do you tend to engage in? What kind of ships do you tend to fly? What are your short and long-term goals? How active is the corporation? When do your members generally log in? This is basic information that every potential recruit will want to know; compile all of this information inside of a corporation advertisement. Be completely honest about your corporation: if you have 80 members on your roster, but only ten of them are active, then don't lie by advertising that all 80 of your members are active. As soon as a new recruit learns the truth, he or she is likely to leave.

Next, consider the ideal recruit for your corporation and where you're likely to find them. If you're an industry corporation that researches and manufactures, you'll want to recruit established miners, industrialists, and new players keen on learning about industry. A mission-runner operating out of Dodixie won't be a good match for your corporation, nor will a pirate in lowsec. Tailor who you recruit to your corporation's focus - don't just accept everybody who applies regardless of their interests

Now that you know where to find recruits, go out and find them! I recommend advertising in local chat with a short quip and link to your corporation's advertisement, such as "Interested in learning about wormholes? Will It Fit - Wormhole PVE/PVP". 95% of the people in local will see the message and disregard it instantly, but occasionally, you'll find the 5% you're looking for. You should always have an active corporation advertisement. Recruit from "official" chat channels at your own risk, as awoxers and thieves are commonly lurk there.

Once you've found somebody who is interested in your corporation, start up a private conversation and interview them. Ask them how active they are, what they're interested in, and what kind of ships they can fly. Don't act super-serious: try to make him or her feel at ease. You might be his or her future CEO, but that doesn't mean you can't be a friend too. Ask the recruit if they have any questions about the corporation, and answer them as truthfully as possible.

Now comes the hardest part about being a recruiter: making sure your recruit isn't malicious. New Eden isn't filled with awoxers, spies, and thieves, but they do exist and they are a danger to your corporation. There is no 100% guaranteed way to prevent your corporation from being awoxed or stolen from, so the best you can do is make it as difficult and unappealing as possible to be a victim. I highly recommend you require all members for full access to their API and use a tool such as API Checker to review their corporation history, killboard, and social life. Thieves are another story, but they aren't usually a problem unless your corporation is very dependent on POS roles, like most wormhole corporations. If this is the case, check out Talocan United's guide on POS permissions and security.

If the API doesn't look terribly suspicious, then congratulations, you've found a new member! The process doesn't end here, though: most recruits will want to find a way to contribute to the corporation right after they've joined, such as running sleeper sites, missions, or a PVP roam. Try to find a way to get your new recruits involved as soon as possible. Otherwise, they'll grow bored within the day and have a much higher chance of leaving.

That's all there is to it! Being the New Eden equivalent of a Human Resources Officer is one of the hardest jobs in a corporation, and there will be plenty of work to do every day. Hopefully this guide has made one of the bigger aspects of the job a little bit easier for a new recruiter!


  1. You are kinda shit at writing, not gonna lie. Pick a better background for text and font color. is a much better looking and laid out website that doesn't also post wrong information. You should check it out sometime.

    1. patriot the wannabe scrublord

  2. Didn't you used to be in that shit wormhole corp that got its ass kicked by dropbears? Is that why this article came about? Because you aren't even good enough to fight off a bunch of noobs in frigs?

  3. I want to drop in a positive comment here, if only to provide contrast to the others: I think your article's really helpful, especially considering how many corp ads I've seen. I just recently joined a corp last night, and am very pleased with how it turned out, because it seems like they might have used your model for advertising. Another point you might want to add is literacy - I'm sick to death of seeing "U want 2 join mi corp nao plz!!!111oneone" corp ads. That said, if they write that way, they'll attract those sort of capsuleers, and then they'll be in their own festering cesspool with their own kind.

    And with regard to some of the other comments, I can read white text on a black background just fine. The black against the nebula looks kinda odd, but it's legible. And dissing someone else's corporation in a general article about corporation recruiting, which has nothing to do with combat but rather organizational work... is juvenile. Then again, trolls will be trolls. Keep doing what you're doing.

  4. Yo this article is really helpful and covers the most basic issues encountered when recruiting. Iv been recruiting myself for a very old and establshed nullsec pvp corp. Recruiting is indeed one of the most difficult jobs anyone can have in eve. Kudos to you.


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