Blog Banter #50: The Times They Are A-Changin'

Today's Blog Banter proposes the following:

With the Rubicon expansion being announced and the SOMER Blink scandals (or non-scandals depending on your point of view) that have erupted on the community at the same time, it truly feels like an age of EVE has passed and a new one is dawning.

But which direction is it going? This blog banter can be about several different topics:
- where do you think EVE is going? Is it a good or bad vision ahead?
- if you were EVE's new Executive Producer, where would you take the game?
- What comes (or should come) after Rubicon in terms of the mechanics and ship balancing we've seen? (CSM8 not allowed to answer this one!)
- Is there anything in EVE's ten year past that should be resurrected? Or buried and forgotten?
- What is the future of the community? What should or should not change?
The "future" of Eve Online is an interesting concept, as there are multiple futures that could be referenced. We could talk about the future of Eve from a development standpoint: the prediction of new features, ship balancing, interface beautification, and how the players will react to them through new PVP tactics or investing in a sector of the market. We could also talk about the future of Eve from an in-game standpoint: the rise and fall of nullsec alliances, the interdiction of highsec ice, and the everyday drama that blossoms whenever two players meet. We could extrapolate the two together and predict how the CFC, motivated by the moon changes in the Odyssey expansion, invaded Fountain and evicted TEST from nullsec. No matter what future we talk about, the result is that content has been created, and players have a motivation to log in each day and participate in that content.

At the end of the day, that's what truly matters. Content is created -- whether by the players or the developers -- and players log in to participate in that content. So long as players are logging in and PLEX is being sold, CCP's job is relatively simple: give the players tools to create more content.

There's no point in defining specifics as to what should and shouldn't be changed. There will always be people who complain about the current state of affairs, nostalgic for the "glory days" as they don their rose-tinted glasses. As long as CCP continues to allow players to create stories like the battle of Asakai, the war for Fountain, and the death of a Revenant, Eve Online will see another ten successful years - and I'm very excited to see what's to come.


  1. i started in '07 and then people were depending on what day claiming eve was dying or talking about the good ole days so meh

  2. While it's true there are multiple futures, if CCP doesn't have an active plan for one of them they may not make a future.

    You make some valid points on how certain actions intertwine, but I'd ask did these changes propel the game forward? I'd say that could be debatable.

    As for rose-tinted glasses, I'm not sure about you but since I've stopped playing with the exploration can spew, my index finger doesn't hurt. :3


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