Station Trading Tool: Elinor

     Once you get past the speculating, spreadsheeting, and pseudo-intellectual beard-stroking brainstorming, station trading can get a little boring. Make no mistake - I love seeing my wallet flash just as much as the next guy, but the monotonous task of updating market orders is tedious and slow once you start getting serious about station trading.
     Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Just over a year ago, Virppi Jouhinen created Elinor, an automatic margin calculator that not only shows on-the-fly profit margins for an item on the market using your skills and standings, but copies the sell/buy price needed to update that order straight to your Windows clipboard. This completely eliminates any possibility of user error regarding typing in the price of your market order, and it's been a godsend to traders like me who use unlabeled keyboards and frequently mistype prices. It also lets you .01 ISK much faster and more efficient than manually typing in the price. The only way to make it easier for station traders than this is to use a bot!

Huge kudos to Virppi for creating this tool - I hope you continue to support it for years to come!


  1. Sweet, a working app for using in trade. I used other programs of which I can't remember the name from, but they always seemed to bug out on me. Nice to finally have one that works without crashing! Goodbye spreadsheets (or let's just keep those just in case!)


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