Space Trucking in Odyssey 1.1: Industrial Changes

     The much-anticipated Odyssey 1.1 changes have been announced for next Tuesday, September
3rd, and with them comes a slew of changes to the Industrial class of ships. For years, the Iteron Mark V has reigned supreme within the sub-freighter industrial class, but with these changes, the best industrial to fly will depend entirely on your skill points and what you're hauling.
     If you're a pilot who has cleverly invested skill points into the Amarr Industrial skill, you'll most likely find yourself in the captain's chair of the Bestower, which boasts a potential general-purpose cargo bay of 39,201m3 (with Amarr Industrial to 5, 6 cargo expanders, and T1 cargo expansion rigs.) This usurps the Iteron Mark V from its position of superiority, which only has 37,512m3 with maximum skills and fittings. However, if you find yourself a tad low on skill points when it comes to the industrial genre of ship, you'll find that the best choice for you is the Badger Mark II (which is being renamed to the Tayra), which provides you with the highest base cargo bay amount at 7,300m3 with no skills or fittings.
     If you commonly haul ore, minerals, ammunition, or goods from Planetary Interaction, you might be in for a change of scenery soon; Odyssey 1.1 introduces specialized bays in certain industrials for the above item types. The Iteron Mark II (henceforth to be known as the Kryos) will have a 43,000m3 base mineral bay - Gallente Industrial 5 brings that number up to a whopping 64,500m3. The Mark III (renamed to the Epithal) was designed with Planetary Interaction users in mind with a 45,000m3 base commodities bay - Gallente Industrial 5 boosts that to 67,500m3. The Mark IV (now to be called the Miasmos) will be the go-to industrial for jetcan mining, as its ore bay shames the Mackinaw at 42,000m3 - Gallente Industrial 5 makes the Miasmos worth almost two Mackinaws at 63,000m3. Meanwhile, the Hoarder is to become a mobile resupply platform, capable of holding 41,000m3 of ammunition, cap charges, and bombs - Minmatar Industrial 5 would bring that up to 61,500m3.
     If you have the need for speed while hauling goods across New Eden, the Wreathe will be do nicely, as it will benefit from a 5% increase in agility for every level of Minmatar Industrial. If you'd rather sacrifice speed for tank, the Amarr have just what you're looking for, as the stalwart Sigil has the highest amount of base EHP without fittings (780 shield, 1,900 armor, and 2,400 hull).
     So, where does this leave the Iteron Mark V? Well, the Iteron (which will not be renamed) is the jack of all trades, but master of none. It has an average amount of defense and an average amount of agility, but still has the second highest cargo bay for general-purpose hauling. It also features a slightly reduced signature radius, but at the cost of a higher mass, lower agility, and substantially less CPU.
     Overall, I'm very excited for these changes. The Mark V may not be the king anymore, but it definitely wasn't nerfed; industrials across the board received huge buffs, and it will be very interesting to see how much the specialized cargo bays in the Kryos, Epithal, Miasmos, and Hoarder will be used. My only complaint so far is that it'll take a while for me to get used to the new names!

You can read the complete list of changes to the industrials here.

Oh, and CCP - subsystem swapping inside of POSes...when?




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